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An End to Storytelling, Onward to Cloth!

Ok, guys.

It's DONE!  "The Power of Drama in Storytelling" has concluded, and those of you who had tickets should be able to download a recording of the seminar after the Expo has concluded.  3D Art Live will let you know when those recordings are available!! :D

For those who attended (or even those who didn't), please, please, please take a moment and let me know if there was anything that I didn't cover that you wish I had.  I will gladly share any info that I know and answer any questions that I can.  I'm always afraid that I'll miss something!

I -really- hope you folks enjoyed the seminar, thank you SO much for your support during my bouts of nervousness and tripping over my own words!!

Likewise, if there is -anything- you'd like to see changed in future seminars OR tutorials, please don't be shy at all about writing me a note or jotting down a comment here and letting me know. Is there anything you guys would like to know, or to see demonstrated in future seminars?

Whoo!  Onward to "From Static to Dynamic" by Arki!  Arki does fabulous work with dynamics, and I love having the chance to co-pilot in her seminar!  Happy dance!  She makes magic with dynamic cloth!

See you there!!

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