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Capturing the Moment

What happens now?

MK Williams
3d graphics, acrylic, alchemy, amber, andre norton, anne mccaffrey, art, baking, barbara hambly, berries, bryce, canaries, cg, chai, chocobos, clayton emery, cockatiels, colors, computers, console rpgs, cooking, costume design, costumes, crafts, creating, d&d, dark cloud, darkover, david eddings, dawn, daz3d, dolphins, dragon warrior, dragons, drawing, dreams, dungeons & dragons, eidolons, electronics, elfwood, everyday magic, family, fantasy, fantasy books, feathers, final fantasy, finches, flourite, friends, fruit, game design, game themes, gamecube, gardens, garnet, gemstones, geneology, george r. r. martin, golden sun, good earth tea, gordon r. dickson, grandia, graphic design, halloween, harry potter, healing, herbs, hot baths, humor, humour, instruments, jack of all trades, jesters, jewelry creation, katherine kurtz, leaves, legend of zelda, level 5, long walks, lord of the rings, lynn abbey, marcia j. bennett, marion zimmer bradley, medicinal plants, memories, mercedes lackey, midori snyder, moon, music, mythology, mythos, n64, nintendo, nobuo uematsu, painting, personal faith, photoshop, playstation, poetry, poser, postcards, programming, puzzles, quest for glory, reading, robert asprin, robin mckinley, roger zelazny, rpgs, sci-fi books, science fiction, sewing, siamese, silver, singing, sketching, small bells, sony, soundtracks, starbucks, stars, stitch, stuffed toys, suikoden, sunlight, sunsets, sweets, swimming, tamora pierce, terra, terry goodkind, terry pratchett, tonberry, travel, trees, true runes, tsavorite, unwritten legends, vegetables, video games, vivi, watercolor, web design, wind chimes, words, world building, writing, wyverns, yasunori mitsuda, zelda